Hive IQ Medium Box - 9 Frame

$24.99 USD

The Hive IQ Medium Box

Coming This Winter

The HiveIQ medium box - a robust, extremely lightweight, and cutting-edge solution tailored for backyard and professional beekeepers. Crafted from high-density EPS, our beehive body showcases enduring strength in the joints, superior insulation, and a meticulously refined and dense finish. The fully surrounding plastic protective edge guarantees the best protection from hive tools and boosts pest control, making it a crucial component in any beekeeping arrangement.

This interlocking design between boxes ensures proper insulation seals, keeps pests like small hive beetles and moths out and also stops hive tool wear in the corners. A one of a kind solution for beekeepers. 

Benefits of an Insulated Hive

Crafted from high-density EPS, it not only ensures stability and safety for your bees but also facilitates easy hive transportation. The standout feature is its superior insulation, mirroring the thermal performance of all HiveIQ products. This insulation mimics the natural conditions bees thrive in, keeping the hive warm in winter and cool in summer.

This optimal environment boosts bee health and productivity, leading to improved survival rates, faster brood rearing, and increased honey production. Compatible with various HiveIQ enhancements, it offers a versatile solution for your beekeeping needs.

Read more about insulated hives and their benefits on the Hive IQ website. 

Compatibility with HiveIQ Innovations

The HiveIQ medium box is compatible with standard deep Langstroth sized frames, offering seamless integration into your existing beekeeping equipment. It is also designed to interlock with the Hive IQ Top Cover and the Hive IQ bottom board. 

What's Included with the Hive Body

  • 1 x High-density HiveIQ Medium Box 
  • 4 x End Profiles (two top and two bottom)
  • 4 x Side Profiles (two top and two bottom)
  • 8 x Corner Profiles (two top left and right, two bottom left and right)
  • 8 x 45mm Stainless Steel Screws for assembly


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