10-Frame Cypress Solid Bottom Board

$25.99 USD

This Cypress Solid Bottom Board serves as the floor of the hive, supporting all the weight of the boxes and frames on top of it.


The solid bottom board differs from the screened bottom board in that the floor of the hive is a solid piece of wood. The solid wood floor keeps any drafts from coming into the hive and also makes it slightly easier for the beekeeper to control airflow inside the hive. Both bottom boards are an excellent choice and have worked well for beekeepers for decades.


You can purchase your bottom boards assembled with Titebond Glue, staples, and nails, so you don't have to worry about it.


The bottom board is closest to the ground, so it is often the most susceptible to rot. This is one area where our rot-resistant cypress wood shines, standing up to the elements. Changing out a rotten bottom board is not fun, and our bottom boards ensure you won't have to do that.


You can choose if you'd like us to prime and paint your bottom board.


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