Plastic Frame Spacer - 7 Frame

$10.99 USD

This Plastic Frame Spacer is used to space 7 frames evenly in a 8-frame honey box. Spacing your frames this way allows the bees to draw deeper comb, making the uncapping process easier, and actually will produce more honey than 8 frames in a 8-frame box. Beekeepers can also use this to space frames in a brood box evenly if they choose to use 7 frames in a brood box.


This is an advanced technique that is used after the bees have drawn out their comb already. It can be difficult to space frames that are brand new as the bees may not draw the comb evenly between the frames.


This handheld spacer can be kept in your toolbox and be used with each hive instead of installing spacers permanently in your hive. If using 10 frame equipment, see our 9 frame spacer that works the same way with 10 frame equipment.


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