Metal Double Honey Strainer

$24.99 USD

This is a double pack of nesting stainless steel metal honey strainers to be used when extracting and getting honey ready to sell or give away.


We use stainless steel in our honey strainers to prevent rust and to keep honey pure and free of contaminants. This is not only better for your honey, but also easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Want to learn more about if filters remove pollen from harvesting, read our blog on it.


Both metal strainers sit on top of each other, nesting, so the coarse filter removes the large pieces of comb or bees, and the finer strainer gets the smaller pieces without clogging quickly. The fine filter has extendable arms so the filters can rest on top of a 5-gallon or similar bucket.


The coarse filter has a micron size of 1875, which is large enough to quickly let honey through but keep coarse pieces out. The fine filter has a micron size of 650, keeping the smaller pieces of comb and wax out but large enough to let all pollen granules and natural enzymes through.


Place the filters over a bucket and drain the honey directly from the extractor into the strainers, allowing the honey to drip through the filters and into the bucket. Getting 2 sets of strainers (4 total strainers) greatly speeds up harvesting if you are extracting more than 30 frames. 


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