Nylon Bottling Valve

$9.99 USD

This valve is the #1 bottling gate used by backyard beekeepers. The plastic gate can be attached to any plastic round or square bucket through a hole cut through the bucket. The scissor design for the door opens and closes; giving the beekeeper control over the flow of honey


After the hole is cut into the bucket and the valve is secured with the included nut and gasket, the valve is ready to use. By opening and closing the valve and adjusting the screw for seal, the beekeeper can fill their bottles or jars with honey. 


Honey gates are not all the same size across manufacturers, so the holes needed for the gate will vary. For our honey gate, we recommend a 44mm (1.74 inch) hole. It is better to be slightly too small than too large. Ideally, the honey gate will be twisted into the hole like a screw. 


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