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Honey Jars and Bottles

We have a variety of plastic honey jars and glass honey jars for sale, as well as multiple sizes of canning jars available. If you are looking for a making your own jar of honey, we can help you find the jar that works best for you. We have small 4 oz jars, 1 pound honey jars and up to 32 oz mason jars and plastic jars. We have a wide variety of jars and we can get other sizes by request. 


By far the most popular glass honey jar is the Classic Honey Jar. This shape has been around for decades and is the classic honey jar you think of for glass. Glass mason or canning jars for honey is very popular as well. 

Besides the glass honey jar, we have plastic honey jars in all the popular shapes including plastic honey bears and squeeze bottles. Our jars and bottles can be shipped in bulk by the 1/2 pallet of full pallet or can be picked up in large or small quantities from our store in Birmingham, Alabama. 

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