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Rental - Honey Extractor Kit 9 Frame Electric

$175.00 USD

Click book now to reserve your rental using our booking widget. All rentals can be picked up at Foxhound Bee Company and are a 7 day rental.

Save yourself the hassle of buying extracting equipment just to use it for one day a year. Let us store and take care of the equipment so you can have your garage back. You know what I mean.

Rent before you try. Interested in buying any part of our extracting kit? Keep the supplies you rent, and we will give you 10% off the price of the new equipment. 

Rent our honey extracting equipment, and we will supply you with what you need to make honey harvesting day a little more fun and a little less sticky. 

Reserve our extractor kit by using the calendar by choosing your pickup date. Reservation is set for a one-week rental automatically. 

$100 deposit to be paid during pickup and returned after equipment is brought back clean and ready for the next beekeeper. Cards will be kept on file in case of damage or returned back to us not ready for the next customer. 

Extractor Kit Includes: 

9 frame Civan electric extractor with legs

Extracts 6 medium or shallow frames radially

And 3 shallow, medium, or deep frames tangentially

Uncapping fork

Double metal strainer

Double uncapping Tank

Serrated Uncapping Knife

This kit is great for beekeepers with 60 or more frames to harvest.