Uncapping Tank Set

$199.99 USD

Uncapping Tank For Honey


The uncapping tank is a very important tool to use when uncapping honey during honey extraction. This uncapping tank is designed for the small-scale beekeeper and the sideliner on a budget. The uncapping tank helps hold a honey frame in place while cutting off the cappings from the honey frame. The double tote design has a wire grid, so when the cappings fall off the frame, the beeswax falls onto the grate, and the honey drips down into the tank. See our honey uncapping tools for removing the wax.

The wooden crossbar is installed onto the top tub with the included bolts, and the screw is threaded into the crossbar. To uncap, you rest the sidebar of the 
honey frame on the screw to use it as a pivot point while processing the frame. Once uncapped, the frame can be placed in the honey extractor or held in the uncapping tank

We have used this during our honey harvest for years in our beekeeping operation and have found it extremely helpful during the extraction process. For most beekeepers, this is the perfect uncapping solution because it makes uncapping easier and less messy, provides a place to hold uncapped frames, and can easily nest together for storage. When your honey harvest expands, you can simply get another tote and uncapping tools to speed up the honey harvesting process.

The tank includes two high-density polyurethane bins, 1 stainless steel metal grid, a wooden crossbar, 1 long screw, 2 bolts, 2 nuts, 1 lid, 1 no-drip honey gate, and 2 frame side bars for attaching the honey gate.

The tote is designed to be rotated 180° for use and can be rotated back for storage. The tote can hold 8 gallons of honey and can even be used for bottling honey if desired through the included honey gate. The best part of this tank is allowing the honey to drip from the wax cappings after harvesting. You will be shocked to see how much honey you will get.

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