Raw Honey from Avondale, Alabama

$14.99 USD

Pure, raw, and local honey from Avondale, Alabama which is in east Birmingham.

When people say you should buy your honey from a beekeeper, that's us. Our bees are kept right here in the Birmingham area at multiple locations around the city. Our honey is so local you can actually pick the city and zip code it comes from. We sell our honey in limited amounts, and it sells out every year, so don't wait too long.

Honeybees naturally add their own enzymes to honey and create food from flower nectar which is truly remarkable. We do our best to keep it as close to the way bees make it. This means that our honey still has all of its original enzymes and qualities that make it great.

It is possible to actually track the source of honey, based on the types of pollen still in the honey (or the lack of pollen). Typically "Grade A" grocery store honey is ultra-filtered and stripped of its natural pollen amounts. Our honey still has 100% of its original pollen amount and is as pure as possible. Because all this goodness is still in the honey, it does crystalize faster than standard grocery store honey.

With your first taste, you'll know that our honey is made from flowers. It's hard to deny that flavor and that floral taste set raw honey apart from normal cheap honey. Putting it simply, it's delicious.

If you haven’t taken part in the honey challenge, you should try it. To do it, simply taste a bottle of our honey from any area and taste it side by side with any bottle of honey that says “Grade A” on it you buy at a grocery store. You might even have “Grade A” honey already in your cabinet. You can even compare it against organic honey, which our honey is not. If you are curious why we don’t sell organic honey, read here.

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Old B.E.&.B.B.
Best honey I have ever had it's even better when I make my home made BBQ sauce

The best rum barbecue sauce with this brand of raw honey