Amiflex Varroa Mite Treatment

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Amiflex: The Flash Treatment Solution for Varroa Mite Control

NOTE: You must have a Pesticide Applicator License on file with us before it can be shipped or picked up. In preparation for ordering Amiflex, you should complete this formWe cannot ship Amiflex to California.

Amiflex, the first registered amitraz "flash" treatment developed by Véto-pharma, marks a revolution in varroa mite control for US beekeepers. After 6 years of research and development, this legal, safe, and ready-to-use solution offers an unparalleled level of convenience and flexibility for commercial beekeepers, irrespective of temperature constraints.

Starter Amiflex Pack

Contains 10, 120ml tubes of Amiflex - 1 application gun - 400 wooden strip

Refill Amiflex Pack

Contains 10, 120ml tubes of Amiflex - 400 wooden trips

Single deeps require a minimum of 1 application of 2 doses of 3ml Amiflex Gel = 200 colonies per pack.

Double deeps require a minimum of 1 application of 4 doses of 3ml Amiflex Gel = 100 colonies per pack.

Notably, Amiflex falls under the Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP) category from the EPA. This signifies that its use requires a Pesticide Applicator License issued by your state, ensuring that only certified applicators handle this specialized product. Detailed information about pesticide safety regulations and certification programs can be easily obtained from the EPA website. Click here for a complete list of Pesticide Applicator License information for each state.

The Advantages of Amiflex

In terms of usage, Amiflex stands out for its versatility. It can be applied before, after, or between honey flows without any withdrawal period. For high infestations, it allows up to 2 subsequent applications with a 7-day break in between. End-of-season applications provide a knock-down effect and long-term protection.

Amiflex is also designed for convenience. The ready-to-use gel form speeds up the application process, with the included dosing gun ensuring precision. Each cartridge contains enough gel for multiple applications, eliminating the need for additional equipment or mixing.

In regards to safety, rigorous evaluations affirm that Amiflex poses no risk to bees, hive products, or brood development. It doesn't affect the quantity of stored honey, and no residues exceeding EPA thresholds have been detected.

Accessibility and Other Varroa Mite Control Products

Amiflex is available in two packaging formats, "Starter pack" and "Refill pack," capable of treating between 100 and 200 hives based on the hive configuration. In addition to Amiflex, we offer a wide variety of other products to help manage your varroa mite population. Our stock includes organic treatments, synthetic treatments, and non-chemical alternatives.

More info can be found on Amiflex directly from the Veto-Pharma website. 

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