InstaVap Oxalic Acid Vaporizer - With Battery Protection

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InstaVap Oxalic Acid Vaporizer - With Battery Protection

This Lorobbees InstaVap Oxalic Acid Vaporizer is the highest quality commercial battery-powered unit currently available for treating honey bees with oxalic acid vaporization. A vaporizer designed for backyard beekeepers who want to treat their bees using oxalic acid quickly and easily.  They call this the InstaVap because it feels like it works in an instant. It heats up fast and vaporizes oxalic acid almost instantly and also protects your battery from overuse. Includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty for any repairs. Made from stainless steel and copper parts, this is an excellent vaporizer that will become your go-to varroa mite treatment.

Includes 100% stainless steel dispensing plunger for accurately applying 1-4 grams of oxalic acid. The oxalic acid plunger is made of stainless steel with an o-ring (plus two extras) for making vaporizing more efficient. Oiling the O-ring will make use easier and increase its life. An additional plunger can be stored in the handle for quicker application. No scooping or measuring is required; simply set the plunger dose and press the plunger into oxalic acid to fill it. 

Designed to work with the name brand Dewalt, Milwaukee, Rigid or Makita branded batteries available from Amazon or the typical big box stores. 

Each vaporizer features a digital gauge for monitoring battery life. It is best to recharge or swap batteries when the voltage shows under 15-16 volts. 

Dewalt 20v 6ah:
4g Dosage: Averages at treating up to 22 hives on a full charge.
2g Dosage: Estimated to cover as many as 44 hives.

Milwaukee M18 XC5.0:
4g Dosage: Treats around 10.5 hives on a full charge.
2g Dosage: Extends to an estimated 21 hives.

Dewalt 20v 5ah:
4g Dosage: Efficiently covers approximately 9 hives per charge.
2g Dosage: Expands to an estimated 22 hives.

Dewalt 20v FLEXVOLT 20/60v MAX 6ah:
4g Dosage: Powerful performance averaging 20 hive treatments.
2g Dosage: Projects at about 40 hive treatments.

Turn on the vaporizer using the onboard switch, allowing the unit to preheat to 445°F using the gauge. Once preheated, drop the loaded plunger into the vaporizer, tap the plunger, and the oxalic acid will immediately sublimate into a gas. Each hive will take 20-30 seconds per treatment and will recover within 30 seconds. The oxalic acid can be applied through a small 1/4-inch hole drilled through the bottom board or brood box, where the vaporizer stem can be inserted while treating.

This Lorabbees branded vaporizer made by Instavap works by quickly converting inexpensive oxalic acid crystals into vapor inside the hive. The oxalic acid vapor kills the varroa mites outside the capped brood cells and the phoretic mites in adult bees. This varroa mite treatment will leave you with better colony health and happier bees!

Oxalic acid vaporizers, such as this InstaVap 18V model, treat honey bee colonies for varroa destructor mites by heating oxalic acid crystals into a vapor. The oa vapor flows through the hive, killing adult mites that are present. This method of oxalic acid treatment is noninvasive as the beekeeper does not have to physically open the hive. Beekeepers can quickly treat many bee hives using an oxalic acid vapor treatment.

Using this oxalic acid vaporizer is easy and convenient. It can be used from the back or the front of the hive. When using the vaporizer at the back of the hive, you must drill a 1/4-inch hole into the bottom board or at the bottom of your lowest brood box. The stem part of the vaporizer can then be inserted into the hive body to release the vaporized oxalic acid. Be sure to plug that 1/4-inch hole when you're not using it. A small piece of wood or an extra-long golf tee works great.

When using the vaporizer at the front of your hive, simply place the stem into the hive entrance and then block the rest of the entrance with a towel. When the treatment has finished, you can remove the vaporizer from the hive but leave the entrance blocked for just a couple of minutes so the remaining oxalic acid vapors can't escape.

Some other key features of the InstaVap Oxalic Acid Vaporizer.

-Efficient: The treatment of one hive takes less than 30 seconds.

-Effective: Mite treatments and mite control programs using oxalic acid vaporizers have been proven to be highly effective, especially when the bees have a brood break or there is low brood present.

-Portable: Battery-powered and can be purchased with adapters for common Milwaukee or Dewalt 18V/20V batteries. Batteries must be purchased separately.

-Simple Operation: Easy-to-use plunger that holds 1-4 grams of oxalic acid crystals.

-Rugged Construction: Made from 100%Stainless Steel.

- Other Key Features: Voltage meter for battery, adjustable temperature gauge for Oxalic Acid, easy to clean, replaceable stem, 1-year warranty

To protect your lungs from oxalic fumes,  proper personal protective equipment,  such as a 3M mask suitable for organic acids, must be worn required when using any oxalic acid vaporizer. 

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