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10 Frame Top Feeder

$28.00 CAD

Our 10-frame top feeder can hold just over 2 gallons and is designed to provide a way for beekeepers to feed a high volume of sugar water or other feed inside the colony.


The feeder can sit over the inner cover or directly over the frames in a hive. Bees access the food through a hole in the bottom where they can feed on a small amount of syrup without having access to the whole container.


Too much access to the syrup can lead to excessive drowning in the syrup. The removable cap is placed over the bee's access area to limit exposure to the syrup to prevent drowning.


A rim needs to be placed around the feeder like our 10 frame spacer or a 10 frame medium box. Check out our 8 and 5 Frame Top feeders that will fit 8- frame and 10- frame boxes.


Measures 15" x 13" x 3" and holds 2 gallons


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