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10 Frame Inner Cover

$17.49 USD

This 10- Frame inner cover is the ceiling inside your hive, sitting above the upper box and under the cover.


Each inner cover has an oval that is cut to fit a porter bee escape which is a device that acts like a one-way door for the bees used during honey harvesting. The hole also acts as a hole for moist air to escape through the top of the hive if an extra air escape is added above the inner cover.


These are sold completely assembled with glue, staples, and nails. 10- Frame Inner covers are commonly paired with our 10- Frame Cypress Telescoping cover because they work well together. Without an inner cover, the telescoping cover can become very difficult to remove.


The exterior rim of the inner cover is made from rot-resistant cypress wood, and the interior of the inner cover is made from plywood, so it does not swell when exposed to moisture.


If you would like to purchase this as a complete set, check out our 10 Frame Beekeeping Kit or If you would like to customize the kit, we recommend building your kit and adding separate pieces to the cart, see our other 10 Frame Hive Parts. All the pieces of the beekeeping starter kits can be purchased separately at the same price as they are in the kit. This way, you can get the bee equipment you want.