Baggie Feeder 10" x 13"

$2.00 CAD
Pack Size

These Baggie Feeders are zip-top bags made from 4-millimeter plastic for feeding bees sugar syrup. The zip-lock style bags help give beekeepers a way to feed their bees more sugar water than many other styles.


These bags work by filling them with sugar water until they are 75% full. After sealing the bag tightly, bags are laid on top of frames or a 8 Frame Inner Cover/10 Frame Inner Cover or a dedicated top feeder box. A small 2-inch "X" is cut into the top of the bag to release the air and give bees access to the syrup.


These feeders help give bees a higher volume of syrup without specialized equipment. Two bags can be placed inside an 8-frame box and a 10-frame box. While cutting a hole in a bag on top of your bees may seem counterintuitive, they do work very well.


These baggies need a box to surround them. Any size box like shallow, medium and deep boxes, can work well. We have a Cypress Feeder Rim that has a false floor that is designed to hold two of these bags.


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