Civan Smoker Tool Box

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Stainless Steel Beekeeping Tool Box

This is the ultimate beekeeper tool box, made from 21 gauge stainless steel and designed to do just what every beekeeper needs in a toolbox. Sized perfectly to hold regular smokers and the larger pro smoker as well. The latch seals the smoker in, allowing you to safely move a hot smoker or store a cold smoker.


You won't be disappointed with its solid construction, heavy duty latch, hinged lid, and smart design. You can hold your smoker in the large chamber and smaller beekeeping tools like a frame grip, hive tool, bee brush, and other tools in the smaller side caddy. This is sure to be your buddy the next time you go out to the apiary.


The most popular feature is its ability to hold a lit smoker safely so that it can stay lit safely without producing smoke while moving it from one bee yard to another location. It works great and keeps the smoker fire going at the perfect temperature en route to the next apiary. On the bottom of each chamber is a drain hole just in case "somebody else" leaves it open out in the rain.


The top of the metal tool box has a wide handle that lays flat when not in use so you can easily carry it with beekeeping gloves on. Seriously, you will love this smoker and the beekeepers around you will want one of their own, so make sure you put your name on it so that it doesn't get "borrowed".


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