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Formic Pro-
Formic Pro-
Formic Pro-
Formic Pro-
Formic Pro-
Formic Pro-
Formic Pro-
Formic Pro
Formic Pro

Formic Pro

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Product Details

From The Manufacturer: 

Sustainable and Extended Shelf-Life

Formicpro features a 24-month shelf-life that doesn’t require temperature-controlled storage. These key advancements in bee protection technology provide distributors and beekeepers with an additional effective treatment for Varroosis that’s safer and easier to use.

Formicpro is an all-natural product manufactured in ready-to-use polysaccharide gel strips that are fully biodegradable. Its eco-paper wrap is designed to provide a slow release of the active ingredient: formic acid. During the 7-day treatment period Formicpro causes mortality to a significant number of mites under the brood cap, as well as adult mites on the bees, with an average efficacy of 83-97%.

Protecting Brood to Build Healthier Colonies

The development of Formicpro has been 20 years in the making. For more than two decades, NOD has helped protect millions of honey bee colonies worldwide with MAQS® Beehive Strips (Mite Away Quick Strips®). After receiving positive feedback following the launch of Formicpro in various other regions at the start of 2017, NOD began the process of compiling the European Dossier for submission. The registration covers 23 European regions, including 10 that have never before had access to NOD’s targeted under the cap technology. The global NOD team and its distribution partners are very excited to offer European beekeepers a safe and easy-to-use product with more lenient storage conditions and extended shelf-life.

Formicpro allows our beekeepers to more accurately control Varroa mites where they reproduce, while providing better inventory capability for our distributors.” said Kathleen Ireland, Director of Sales and Marketing, NOD Apiary Products Ltd. “The entire company strives to deliver the most effective and sustainable honey bee health products to beekeepers.”

Combatting the Honey Bee’s Biggest Threat

Left untreated, Varroa mites will transmit viruses that weaken a honey bee colony. Millions of colonies across Europe have died in recent years from this parasitic mite. David VanderDussen, CEO of the Canadian based company that developed and manufactures the product, stated that “Formicpro has been well received by beekeepers in the US, Canada and New Zealand over the last five years. We are very pleased to extend delivery to beekeepers in Europe to ensure access to our latest sustainable bee protection product.”

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