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Hive Inspection 101

$24.99 USD

Class sizes are always limited, so book early.

Our next class schedule: April 12th, 2024 at 01:00 PM - 02:30 PM, Friday.

Beekeeping can be intimidating when getting started, but feeling confident in your work makes a huge difference. There is one task that every beekeeper does regardless of experience and number of hives, and that is a hive inspection. 

During our  1 1/2-hour Hive Inspection 101 class, we will walk through a colony of bees and teach you how to open the hive properly, light a smoker, handle the frames, and identify the brood with confidence. 

Our class will take place in our on-site bee yard at Foxhound Bee Company. 

This is the class that all beekeepers should take because it isn't a skill that is worth struggling through. Opening a hive properly and understanding what to look for can make the difference between success as a beekeeper and a dead colony.

No beekeeping experience is needed for this class. We will provide the protective gear you need, but if you have your own beekeeping gloves, suit, or jacket, please bring it.