Old Fashioned Glass Candle

$16.99 USD

Made of 100% pure, unscented beeswax. Our Old Fasioned Candles are called that for the attractive glass jar with the heavy bottom you commonly see with whiskey drinks. Each candle is wicked with a natural cotton wick and will burn for over 55 hours


The pure color and smell are completely natural, unchanged by us during the candle pouring process. We guarantee you will love our candles and appreciate the bees, even more, when you use our beeswax candles.

Learn more about What Makes 100% Pure Beeswax Candles Special on our blog.


They make excellent gifts and are perfect for any occasionWe have multiple sizes available to fit every need.


Beeswax candles are superior to standard soy candles because they will burn twice as long, giving you a better value. Beeswax candles are sustainable and only have a single, natural ingredient in them. Most candles are blends of paraffin, soy, and scents that can actually pollute the air in the home.


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