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100% Pure Beeswax

$1.50 USD

100% Pure Beeswax

This is pure beeswax, made completely by honeybees inside of their hive. It's the real deal and as good as it gets. We sell our wax in 1-ounce cubes, 16-oz bricks, and 20-lb blocks if you are looking for bulk beeswax for sale.

Beeswax is gathered from bees through the natural process of taking care of bees. Much of the wax is collected as part of the honey-extracting process when a small amount of wax is removed from the honeycomb so the honey can be harvested. This is the best wax the bees make, the freshest and cleanest.

This is the same beautiful beeswax that we use in our pure beeswax candles, including our tapers, votives, pillar candles, and more. 

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Beeswax is perfect for remelting into candles, cosmetic use, soaps, or for re-conditioning cutting boards. It can also take care of squeaky drawers, threading sewing needles, waterproof and reconditioning boots, make natural crayons, leatherwork, and letter seals, and help bees stay put in a new hive.

The beeswax that we sell is not considered raw. Raw beeswax looks like this, and the term raw beeswax is often confused with raw honey.  Raw honey is a thing, but raw beeswax still needs to be prepared for use. Beeswax needs to be melted and strained to remove debris from it. Any beeswax candle you see has been made from melted beeswax and poured into a mold. Read our blog on cleaning and filtering beeswax for more details.

Bees make beeswax completely from their bodies. There isn't anything the beekeeper adds to it to make it yellow, hard, or square. Bees make wax naturally so they can create a space inside their colony for the storage of honey, nectar, and pollen, and it even is used as a place to raise their young.

There is an extremely good book full of recipes and pictures we recommend for beeswax crafts. You can get it from our store. The book, Beeswax Alchemy, is full of projects from beginner to advanced and is an excellent source.

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