Universal and Reversible Metal Entrance Reducer

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Based on the research of Tom Seeley, we developed this Universal and Reversible Metal Entrance Reducer to the correct size entrance bees prefer naturally. Read More about this design and entrance reducers. The total entrance of the colony is what wild bees prefer, helping beekeepers work with the bees and not against them.


Heavy gauge, stainless steel entrance reducers with a unique sliding design, so they adjust to fit 8 frame bee hives, 10 frame bee hives, flow hives, layens and warre hives.


One side with oblong holes allows bees to move in and out easily but still allows the colony to easily protect their hive from invaders. The other side is designed with small holes to prevent bees from getting in and out but letting air through, perfect for moving a colony securely from one location to another.


The only entrance reducer on the market that works with multiple styles of hives and still allows an entrance feeder to be used; perfect for the beginner beekeeper that needs to feed their colony while still allowing the young colony to grow into full size.


One entrance reducer is enough to reduce the entrance of a bee hive and still provide ventilation or act as a mouse guard and can be left on during winter, spring, fall, and summer and protects against robbing from bees, wasps, and hornets.


Learn more about When Do I Add or Remove an Entrance Reducer on our blog.

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