8-Frame Wooden Entrance Reducer

$1.99 USD

The 8 frame cypress wooden entrance reducer is a small piece of wood that slides into the main entrance in the bottom board. This reduces the entrance from its full size down to a reduced size that may be more appropriate for the size of the colony.


We include this cypress wooden entrance reducer in our 8- frame Beekeeping kits because they are especially helpful when starting a colony. The smaller the entrance to a hive, the easier it is for bees to defend the colony against pests and other bees.


Using the research of Tom Seeley, we have modeled our wooden entrance reducer to match his recommendations for the size honey bees naturally choose. We have designed this simple piece of wood to be the entrance size preferred by bees in the wild.


We also have made the gap just the right size to fit our stepped entrance feeder and also allow ample room for the bees to come and go from the hive.


Learn more about When Do I Add or Remove an Entrance Reducer on our blog.

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