10-Frame Complete, Medium 6 5/8-inch Box with Frames and Foundation

$52.99 USD

The medium box is most commonly given to colonies by their beekeeper to give the bees space to store extra honey. The medium box is much lighter compared to a deep box, which is why they have become popular as honey boxes. They can also be used as a part of the brood nest when using medium boxes for all hive parts. These medium boxes are also called Illinois, supers or honey boxes.

This cypress Langstroth hive is a complete kit with the woodenware needed to start your first beehive. The beekeeping supplies in this kit include:

1-10 Frame Medium Box

10 Medium Frame

10 sheets of double-waxed plastic medium foundation

You can opt to purchase it unassembled, assembled, or painted. When choosing the assembled option, we will assemble your boxes and frames/foundations with staples and wood glue so you can be assured they will never fall apart. If choosing assembled and painted, we will assemble your equipment, coat it with a white primer, and finish with a layer of premium-quality, UV-resistant white paint on the outside of the equipment.

We have set ourselves apart by supplying high-quality equipment to beekeepers, and our kits are where we started doing this. The wood we use is a durable, 7/8-inch thick, smooth cypress board that is naturally rot-resistant and will last decades without paint. Besides our cypress wood, we use precision cut frames and foundation with double the beeswax on it as our competition, so you and your bees will be happy with our equipment.

In 2015, we were tired and disappointed with using the standard thinly coated, Mann-lake plastic foundation and others like it. The bees just would not build comb on it... So we changed to what the bees like more and found a supplier who would apply twice the beeswax on it. And our bees and our customers have never looked back. The additional coat of American beeswax makes a SIGNIFICANT difference to the bees (and the beekeepers). Our bees just love it!


Learn more about How To Assemble Foundationless Frames on our blog.

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Customer Reviews

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Bailey D.
Honey boxes!!

I use these as my honey boxes typically - I love getting them out because it means my bees are working hard! This product is easy to maneuver, can easily trade and move frames with it, and we’ll constructed. Also love that you can paint any color you want!

Thank you for your feedback, and we absolutely adore that sweet black dog in the picture! We're thrilled that our honey boxes have been a great fit for your beekeeping needs. If you ever need assistance or have any questions, feel free to reach out. Happy beekeeping!

Sarah W.
Great product, easily transportable.

Great product, easily transportable.

Honey super.

I bought three assembled supers with frames. All frames and the supers were made of Quality wood and have got the job done perfectly at a great price.

Keehn B.

Excellent quality. Good price and knowledgeable staff

Brian R.
Always Friendly and Helpful

I needed this honey super and was so glad that they had one ready when I stopped by.