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Kids Interactive Bee Class-Education

Kids Interactive Bee Class

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Product Details

Interested in bringing your own home school, scouts or group to our store to learn about bees? We love teaching about bees and especially to kids. We can all remember our first experience with a bee when we were a kid, so we love the idea of being about to share bees with kids in a safe way. 

Our kid focused class is 60 minutes and is designed to talk all about how bees and beekeepers work through an interactive class where kids will be able to see a real colony of bees in our observation hive and touch, smell and taste the different products that bees make.

We organize these classes for groups that can bring their kids to our store in Downtown Birmingham. If you are interested in bringing your kids group to our store or to have us out at your location, please contact us to schedule time. 

In-store kids bee classes run $12 per kid age 3 and up or $150, whichever is greater. Chaperones and kids 2 and under are free. Class organizers receive a special gift.

Kids should expect to learn how the bees interact with our environment and why they are important. We'll talk about the 3 types of honeybees that live inside a bee hive and what they all do. We will play fun find the queen games with the kids as well as talk through how a bee grows all the way from an egg to a honey forager. 

We encourage all our class visitors to take home some honey, candles or kids bee books and offer and extra 10% off anything the bees make in our store as well as on books and apparel. 

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