Plastic Half-Gallon Feeder Jar

$5.99 USD
Pack Size

This Plastic half-gallon jar is twice the size of the typical feeder jar used by most beekeepers, allowing beekeepers to make less visits to refill syrup jars but still able to fit in an entrance feeder.


The walls of the jars are thick and durable, ensuring the jar can be used for years but the total width of the jar does not interfere with sliding the Boardman feeder into the entrance. The mouth is wide enough to be filled with syrup easily and fits a typical small mouth jar like the two-piece lids used on a Mason jar. Unlike some feeder jars, our jar is transparent so you can see the syrup level in the jar from a distance.


Each jar is molded with a UV protectant to keep the plastic from becoming brittle in the sun and to keep the syrup from fermenting or growing bacteria inside the jar.


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