Pro Winter Feed

$29.99 USD

Pro-winter is extremely helpful when feeding bees in the winter or fall. The consistency is like cookie dough with it's sugar paste-type texture. This sugar paste can be used the same a bee fondant or a sugar brick. It is soft enough to spread and works great when you scoop it out to make a patty for fall feeding.


We feed it to bees before winter as extra insurance from starvation or when a hive is light on stored food. We scoop the paste and press it onto the top bars under the 10 Frame or 8 Frame inner cover. No need for wax or parchment paper. It can be placed inside the hive during the fall or winter.


From the Manufacturer:

Our new Bulk Pro Winter Patties will provide your colonies with food stores when the bees find the cupboards bare. Pro Winter Patties provide carbohydrates and only a very small amount of protein, so your bees won't be encouraged to start rearing brood too early.


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