Metal Hive Stand with Adjustable Legs

$274.99 USD

 Metal Adjustable Hive Stand

This adjustable metal hive stands for holding beehives is the real deal and is a great addition to any beekeeper's bee yard. These heavy-duty, squared steel hive stands are incredibly strong and can support 2,000lbs of weight easily. We have never seen a more sturdy hive stand on the market.


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Say goodbye to cinder blocks and poorly designed platforms for your bee hives. With this stand, you will be able to easily look through your hives during hive inspections. With a 4x4 support, the minimum height is 15 inches and the maximum height is 25 inches. The set of stands without the cross support weighs nearly 30lbs.


Each kit has 2 supports, 4 adjustable legs, bolts, wing nuts, and pins to safely assemble the stand. These are designed to hold a 4" post which can either be a 4x6, 4x4, or a pair of 2x4s, 2x6s, or even 2x8s. The large the board, the strong the stand will be. We recommend using a 4x4 or 2, 2x6s as a platform.

The legs can be adjusted independently of each other to compensate for uneven ground. Each leg can be adjusted a full 12-inches to allow the stand to be low to the ground or higher if preferred. The feet on each stand can be placed on a paver, but the wide footprint prevents the hive from sinking into the ground. It is recommended to install these stands on a solid surface to prevent settling over the years.


16' boards can easily be added to stands and they will be able to hold the weight of all the hives that are placed on the stand. A 16' board can hold 10, 10- frame Langstroth hives, 12, 8-frame hives, or 15, 5-frame hives. Bee hives can be placed facing forward or backward on the hive stands, providing an easy flight path for the beehive.


The hive stands ship with all the parts needed to assemble the stand by hand. No special tools are required. Does not ship with the 4x4 or 2x6 supports. Those supports can be purchased at a local home store.


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