Folding, Three Hive Stand

$129.99 USD

This 5' long Folding Three Hive Stand is a platform for your beehives and is placed directly on the ground, keeping your hives off the ground and at a comfortable working height. The platform raises your hives 14-inches off the ground, which is the perfect height to place your hives and still keep them high enough so skunks and other pests won't bother them.


When the stand was designed, we wanted to incorporate a feature that made it easier to move. Both sets of legs on our hive stand pivot up into the platform for easy transport. We have even put these in the trunk of a civic (with the seats folded down of course)! The stand is designed to hold 3, 10-frame hives with several inches between each one. It will also hold 8 frame and 5 frame hives because of its design.


The stand is designed to be strong enough to hold the weight of 3, 10 frame hives with honey boxes.


Since the lumber in this hive stand isn't a part of the hive, we have used pressure-treated lumber to make this platform stand up to the elements. The wood is ground rated, and we have been using these stands ongoing since 2014, and they are in great shape.


You don't have to worry about it falling apart on you. All the hardware, screws, and glue used to assemble the stand are outdoor-rated and rust-resistant.


The platform is 60-inches x 20 1/2 inches wide and made with 2x6 lumber. The legs and cross pieces are made with 2x4 lumber. These stands are only available for local pickup at our store right now and are not being shipped directly to customers.


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