Civan Electric 24 Frame Honey Extractor 12r / 24r / 24r

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NOTE: The current images are of the previous model with the standard control box. The new model includes a digital control panel on the top and will look slightly different. 


This 24 frame electric honey extractor is designed for beekeepers who have plenty of honey frames to extract from and not enough time to get it done. You can extract honey exceptionally quickly with its radial honey extraction design that will hold 12 deep frames, 24 medium frames, or 24 shallow frames simultaneously.


This model includes Digital controls on the top of the extractor that are used to turn the extractor on and off and control the speed.


It is only available for freight shipments and local pickup. Its features include a two-year warranty on the whole motorized honey extractor, a 21-gauge, a 304 stainless steel drum, a metal basket, a free-spinning motor, and a multi-directional bottom-mounted motor for easy loading.


 You won't find any nylon or plastic parts on the drum or inside the basket that can become brittle and break over time. This is the extractor you'll have until you outgrow it. The basket can spin both ways by hand to make adding and removing bee frames easier. The spinner basket holds each frame securely in place without any wobble.


A feature that is difficult to notice online is the thickness of the metal and the overall weight of the extractor. A heavy, well-designed, and balanced extractor like this will be much easier to use than the cheaper, thin-walled extractors sold in other places.


The cheap extractors (like Vivo) will wobble and shake out the door because they are so light. We assure you that this extractor, with its thick stainless steel and powder-coated metal, will be a much better experience for the beekeeper during their honey harvesting party.


This is not a tangential honey extractor but will use centrifugal force to radially hold frames for spinning each frame quickly. There is no need to flip frames with this honey extractor.


At the bottom of the drum is a stainless steel honey gate with an o-ring and thumb screw for allowing liquid honey out of the drum. Other features include a plexiglass top for watching the extraction process, heavy-duty powder-coated legs, no tools required for assembly, a standard 6 ft. 110 power cord, and an easy to clean finish.


The legs extend from the ground with a broad base that can be mounted to the ground or a platform to the top of the extractor for minimal wobbling while extracting.



Drum diameter 29-inches

Total height - 48-inches

Height to bottom of gate 14 1/2-inches

21 Gauge Stainless Steel with 304 Stainless Steel


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It can be picked up from our store or shipped by freight truck. These are not made in the USA, but are made in Turkey by Civan, who has been manufacturing honey extracting equipment for over 25 years. 


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