Stainless Steel Bee Smoker

$24.99 USD

This Stainless Steel Bee Smoker is an essential tool for all beekeepers to use when inspecting beehives.


Easy to light and produce smoke with the extra-thick airflow plate inside the smoking chamber and an airflow tube built into the firebox to make it produce thicker smoke with less effort, making beekeeping easier.


A small fire is built in the bottom of the fire chamber, and the rest of the chamber is filled with unlit material. As the fire burns, cool smoke is released out the top of the smoker with each pump of the bellows. The smoke helps calm the bees and makes opening a hive easier. The airflow plate in the chamber can get hot when building a fire, causing the plate to burn through. Our plate will not burn through over time, continuing to provide optimum airflow to create smoke. For a larger smoker, check out our pro smoker.


Stainless steel heat shield surrounds the smoker chamber to keep you safe. The riveted double pull ring on the dome makes adding fuel easier (even with a glove on), and the airflow funnel forces more air from the bellow to the bottom of the chamber for more efficiency and easier lighting.


Our smokers are designed to work well for all beekeepers and are built using premium rust-proof materials so the smoker and the smoke it produces last from season to season and hive to hive.


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