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8-Frame All-Medium Box Hive Kit

$324.00 CAD

This kit is for the beekeeper who likes simplicity with only using one size frame, one size foundation, and one size box for everything. You don't have to worry about having the right equipment for the right box, it all fits when you use all-medium boxes. Another advantage is the boxes are much lighter than using deep boxes, which is great for everyone's back!


This cypress Langstroth hive is a complete kit with the woodenware needed to start your first beehive. The beekeeping supplies in this kit include:


1 - 8 Frame Cypress Telescoping Cover

1 - 8- Frame Inner cover

1 - 8- Frame Cypress screened bottom board

3 - 8- Frame Cypress Medium boxes

24 - grooved top, grooved bottom medium frames

24 - sheets of double-waxed plastic medium foundation

1 - 8- Frame Wooden Entrance Reducer


You can opt to purchase your beekeeper starter kit unassembled, assembled, or painted. On all of our kits, the boxes and frames are the only parts that would need any assembling. When choosing the assembled option, we will assemble your boxes and frames/foundations with staples and wood glue so you can be assured they will never fall apart. If choosing assembled and painted, we will assemble your equipment, coat it with a white primer, and finish with a layer of premium-quality, UV-resistant white paint on the outside of the equipment.


We have multiple sizes and types of beekeeping starter kits, and it can be a little confusing. Because of this, we wrote a few posts to help.

Should I Start With All Medium or Deep Boxes?

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When looking for beekeeping kits for sale, it can be hard to distinguish the quality online. We have been selling this beekeeping starter kit since 2016, which is very popular and of excellent quality. The wood we use is a durable, 7/8-inch thick, smooth cypress board that is naturally rot-resistant and will last decades even without paint. Besides our cypress wood, we choose to use precision cut frames and foundation with double the beeswax on it as our competition, so you and your bees will be happy with our equipment.


Each of our kits is designed to be the space where the queen can lay eggs, and the bees can store fresh honey to eat over the winter. This kit does not include the additional honey boxes or honey supers (What is a Honey Super?) needed for the bees to store excess honey for the beekeeper to harvest from. It is possible to need 1 more medium box and frames during the first year, especially if you start the colony with a nucleus hive or live in a sub-tropical climate.


We recommend getting one more medium box with frames, just in case. If not used during year one, it will be needed during year two. If using a queen excluder, it would be placed above the boxes in this kit and under the additional boxes added to the hive.


Be sure to check out our Master Series on getting started in beekeeping.

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If you would like to customize the kit, like opting for foundationless frames, wax foundation or a solid bottom board instead of a screened one, we recommend building your kit and adding separate pieces to the cart. All the pieces of the beekeeping starter kits can be purchased separately at the same price as they are in the kit. This way, you can get the bee equipment you want. You can use the list of products above as a guide.


Some starter kits include lots of other beekeeping supplies that are not necessary. Since we started having beekeeping kits for sale, we chose to keep the equipment simple and not oversell. There are other pieces of equipment you will need like a hive tool, bee suit or bee jacket, leather gloves, a nucleus hive or package of bees (Package or Nucleus Hive, Which is Better?), a bee smoker, and a way to feed your bees. We have all of these products for sale, and they can be purchased separately through our website or in our store.


There are other tools available like a bee brush, queen excluder, frame holder, and more that are optional. It's not necessary to purchase everything you need, but there are essentials that every beekeeper uses.


Purchase 8 Frame Hive parts separately to customize your hives.