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5-Frame Cypress Migratory Cover - Foxhound Bee Company
5-Frame Cypress Migratory Cover
5-Frame Cypress Migratory Cover
5-Frame Cypress Migratory Cover
5-Frame Cypress Migratory Cover
5-Frame Cypress Migratory Cover

5-Frame Cypress Migratory Cover

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Product Details
  • HOW IT WORKS: The migratory cover is a substitute for a telescoping cover and serves as the roof of a hive. It is a simple design that provides basic protection from the weather for the colony. It is common with commercial beekeepers because of its affordability and because it makes transporting hives easier. 
  • NUCLEUS HIVE: Even with backyard beekeepers, migratory covers are very popular on nucleus hives. This is usually because nucleus hives are often sold and transported and a migratory cover makes moving them easier. Nucleus hives are also temporary compared to 8 and 10 frame options, so they don't need the protection that a telescoping cover offers.
  • CHEAPER ALTERNATIVE: The migratory cover is popular with beekeepers who are selling whole hives and want a cheaper alternative to the telescoping cover to reduce the price of the hive and with beekeepers selling nucleus hives.
  • CYPRESS WOOD: Just like with all our other equipment, our migratory covers are made with long-last cypress wood. It's naturally rot-resistant and will protect your colony much longer than pine wood.
  • FULLY ASSEMBLED: Our telescoping covers are sold fully assembled with glue, staples, and nails. No need to worry about assembling them. If you'd like, choose for your cover to be painted and we will coat it with primer and high quality exterior white paint.

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