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600 Micron Filter Basket (Course)-Supplies
600 Micron Filter Basket (Course)-Supplies
600 Micron Filter Basket (Course)-Supplies

600 Micron Filter Basket (Course)

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Product Details

WHAT IT IS: This filter or also called a strainer is for straining debris out of liquids. The plastic is easily cleaned and the mesh lets honey pass through, but will remove any debris in the honey. This size filter is considered a course filter and will remove any bits of bees, comb, or propolis out of the honey. 

This particular strainer is designed to nest inside a 5-gallon bucket is commonly used to clean honey as it is emptied from the extractor before it drains into a bucket. 

WHO USES THEM? This filter is very popular with backyard beekeepers because it is easy to use and store and allows honey to pass through it quickly, but keeps debris out. If harvesting 20+ frames, it is helpful to get two filters as one can be cleaned out while the other is straining. 

DOES IT REMOVE POLLEN?: These filters will not remove any pollen from the honey at all. They are course enough to allow all pollen granules to pass through the screen. To read more about this, visit our blog on filtering pollen.

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