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Ant Cant Non Stick Spray

Ant Cant Non Stick Spray

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Product Details

Finally, a product that keeps ants from climbing up the legs of a bee hive or hive stand, keeping all types of ants and other bugs out. The innovative spray works by creating a barrier that ants cannot walk across. 


Unlike other physical barriers like cinnamon, ant spray, lemon juice, tangle foot, diatomaceous earth, or oil, AntCant does not get washed away by rain, dirty from being sticky, or create a toxic environment for bees. Think of AntCant as a slip and slide for bees, but much less fun. 

Included with the spray is a roll of foil tape that is used to wrap around verticle surfaces like a hive stand leg. The foil is sprayed with AntCant, acting as a barrier to keep ants out. It doesn't kill the ants, and it just deters them and makes them go somewhere else for food. This works with argentine, fire, black, carpenter ants, and others. 


Designed to prevent ants from attaching and crawling on inclined surfaces. Simple, safe, spray or brush application, and the dried surface is safe for bees and non-toxic. 

Pesticide-free: Does not kill ants - prevents ants from reaching a food source or other target destination. Easily cleaned and re-applied.

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