BeeCabulary Essentials Book

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Designed for future and existing beekeepers to look up terminology used in beekeeping. Chapters are well organized and each one flows easily through the terminology of keeping bees. Each key vocabulary word or term is defined and used to explain both the how and why of beekeeping. The terms are richly illustrated, with photos by the author, his father, Dr. Lawrence Connor, and many others. These images add a great deal to the definitions.


Chapters: Types of Bees and Their Relatives, Anatomy & Organ Systems, Bee Behavior, Players in the Hive, Beekeeper, Hive Types, Comb and Frames, A Year in the Bee Yard, Swarming, Nucleus or Increase Hives, Queen Production and Rearing, Bee Botany: Honey and Pollen Production & Pollination, Products of the Bee Hive and Pathogens, Predators, Pesticides, Pests. There is an extensive Index.


Readers are invited to work at their own pace when something new comes up in a lecture or in the apiary. BeeCabulary Essentials is the GO TO resource, allowing new and existing beekeepers to enrich their understanding of bees and our culture of bee colonies.
May the bee lingo be with you.


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