How To Split A Bee Hive 201

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Managing your colonies well is important for beekeepers and one of the best ways to manage a colony is by splitting it. At it's most basic level, splitting a colony means turning one colony into two.

During our class you will learn about how splitting a colony works and you will be able to come into our bee yard where will open our hives and demonstrate how to make a split. 

This is a very common practice for beekeepers and also for bees. When beekeepers do this, it is called splitting. When bees do this, it is called swarming. When a colony of bees swarms, it can be heartbreaking for the beekeeper as they will often lose the swarm. 

Splitting the hive before the swarm is a great way to make the most of a strong colony of bees and is not very hard to do. In our 2 hour class, you will learn about the common ways to split a colony and which way could work best for you. 

After finishing this class, you'll understand why you may want to split your colony and what you'll need to do this sucesfuly. Splitting colonies is a great way to keep your apiary healthy and is also a great way help your hobby turn a profit. Selling nucleus hives made froma. split is a great way to top off the honey money jar. 

This class is designed for beekeepers who are interested in taking the next step in their colony. Our class is will be at Foxhound Bee Company in a classroom and also our bee yard. Please bring your protective gear with you.