Beetle Barn

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This small hive beetle trap is popular with DIY beekeepers who want to create bait to kill beetles. This trap is designed to kill beetles but does not damage bees. These traps are commonly called Beetle Barns or are referred to as CD case beetle traps.


The clamshell design has openings on the side where beetles can enter the trap and access the middle of the compartment. This compartment is where bait is placed for the beetle to eat. The beetles are chased into the trap by bees, but the bees are too large to enter the trap.  These traps can be reused multiple times and cleaned out as needed.


This trap does not capture the beetles but provides a place where beetles can feed and hide where bees cannot get them.  Pesticides approved for use in the beehive are the only baits we recommend.


We do not recommend using Fipronil (Roach bait), boric acid, or other unapproved chemicals inside this trap.


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