Bottling Bucket and Lid with Pre-Drilled Hole and Valve

$27.99 USD
  • THE BASIC BOTTLING KIT: This kit is the basic bottling bucket for getting honey into plastic or glass bottles. It includes a bucket with a pre-drilled hole, a lid, and a plastic honey gate. The square bucket makes attaching the honey gate easier to ensure your honey or syrup will not drip. The bucket is 4 gallons and can be used with our standard 2-piece metal or bag honey strainers.
  • FOOD GRADE MATERIALS:  The bucket is made with #2 food-grade recyclable plastic that is safe for long-term food contact so your honey can stay as pure as the bees made it.
  • PRE-DRILLED HOLE FOR HONEY GATE: Dripless Honey Gate with an O-ring is included with your bottling set and simply screws into the pre-drilled hole in the bucket; each hole is drilled to just fit the honey gate; simply install by screwing the threaded gate into the hole with firm pressure. Using the top of an end bar is very usual for getting the valve very tight and ensuring your honey won't drip.