BroodMinder Cellular Receiver

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The Broodminder Cellular Receiver works by connecting these bluetooth sensors in your apiary to the internet through a built in cellular connection. This is great for apiaries that are in a remote apiary that you want to receive updated information from without having to visit the area. 


This unit works great when you do not have a power source, wifi connection and are not in the area enough to connect to the devices via your phone. 


The Broodminder Cell Receiver includes a 1 year subscription that provides cell access to the unit. The solar panel, battery, bluetooth connector and cellular connector are all self contained and can be attached to a post, fence or another structure in your apiary. The power comes from the solar panel, so it is important to have a reliable source of sunlight.

From The Manufacturer:

We have designed the BroodMinder-CELL for those of us who want to obsess over our bees 24/7. This solar powered unit listens to up to 80 BroodMinders in your apiary and sends hourly updates directly to You can sit at your desk (or on the beach) and watch what your girls are up to.


The BroodMinder-CELL includes one year at $108/year for the cellular subscription plus MyBroodMinder-Premium (required for automatic uploads). Like all our products, we have gone to great lengths to make installation fast and simple.


Installation details are in our updated user guide and this video. (new 2021)


BroodMinder-Cell hub is at the hearth of your remote hive-monitoring system. It is the gateway that harvests data from all the BrodMinders available in the apiary and transfers to the cloud to make it accessible in the very same moment it has been collected.


• As with your own smartphone in manual sync, the hub connects to devices in Bluetooth, stores data in a buffer, prior to sending it to the cloud through the cellular network every hour.


•The Solar version is delivered with a high quality solar kit including a 3.5W solar panel and a 2500mAh battery. All of it fits within a high quality IP65 plastic box that can be mounted in multiple ways. You will install the solar hub in the apiary once forever.

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