BroodMinder-T2 Digital Temperature Sensor

$42.99 USD

See our live hive scale data and more details about our setup.

Measure internal temperature with a device designed to meet the needs of the beekeeper.  Housed in a low profile (1/4″), hermetically sealed wrapper, the BroodMinder-T2SM sits on top of your brood or super frames so that any heat created by the bees is recorded as it rises to the top of the hive. Accurate to 1 degree Fahrenheit, you will notice the slightest of changes, allowing intervention before it is too late.

All BroodMinder-T2SM devices now include TEMPERATURE EVENT detection (including swarms).  When a temperature spike happens, the sensor switches to 1-minute sampling in order to get a high-resolution recording of the event. If you have a hub, it will also initiate an email message or text message to inform you of the event.

There is more information on the -T2 in this installation video.

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