BroodMinder-Wifi Receiver

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From The Manufacturer:

We have redesigned the BroodMinder-WIFI for those of us who want to obsess over our bees 24/7.  The WIFI unit listens to up to 100 BroodMinders in your apiary and sends hourly updates directly to It runs for over a year on 4 AA batteries. You can sit at your desk (or on the beach) and watch what your girls are up to.

We have two types. The internal antenna version is good if you have strong WiFi in your apiary. If not, we recommend the external antenna version. Both are housed in a weatherproof box.

The BroodMinder-WIFI includes one year of MyBroodMinder premium ($54/year) needed to do direct uploads. Like all our products, we have gone to great lengths to make installation fast and simple.

For more information, watch our installation video.

Note: Due to power constraints, the BroodMinder-WIFI does not operate with the BroodMinder-SubHub. We know choices can be confusing, feel free to contact us at if you need assistance configuring your apiary.

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