$42.50 USD

Elevate Your InstantVap Experience!

Enhanced Efficiency: Optimize the sublimation efficiency of InstantVap with our advanced silicone cover. Experience 20% increased efficiency during warm months and significantly more during the cold ones.

Minimal Heat Loss: Achieve superior performance with less heat loss, ensuring your operations are more effective and energy-efficient.

Easy & Clean Use: This cover is designed to trap falling oxalic acid, ensuring a cleaner device. Installation is seamless—simply press firmly onto the device through the dispenser tube, ensuring a tight fit with no gaps.

User-Friendly Design: Keep the silicone cover on even after use, removing it is not necessary, providing you with hassle-free convenience.


  • Boosted Sublimation Efficiency
  • Reduced Heat Loss
  • Device Cleanliness
  • Effortless Installation
  • Long-Lasting Convenience

Upgrade to a smoother, more efficient InstantVap experience with our innovative silicone cover!

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