Steel, Large, Round Disc Entrance Reducer

$2.99 USD

This Steel, Large, Round Disc Entrance Reducer is a versatile tool to use on a nucleus hive or a swarm trap, creating multiple entrance sizes with the adjustable disc. The round disc has a center hole for securing the box with a screw or nail and 4 different-sized entrances to be used.


Most often used on swarm boxes and nucleus hives, the disc rotates over a drilled hole in a box, allowing the beekeeper to modify the entrance easily. These entrance dials are especially helpful when setting out a bait trap, leaving the entrance open and rotating it closed when it's time to move the swarm hive.


Closed, vented, queen/drone excluder, and wide open with a 1 3/4-inch opening.

Learn more about When Do I Add or Remove an Entrance Reducer on our blog.


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