Swarm Commander Crush Vials 5-Pack

$13.99 USD

Attracting swarms is a lot of fun and you can be much more successful when using a lure to bring scout bees to the swarm box. These lures come pre-charged with Swarm Rustler and are the easiest way to bait a swarm trap with a lure that lasts weeks. 

This vials use a pheromone specially created to attract passing swarms of feral honeybees. These swarms will be lured into your hive, giving you an opportunity to establish new bee colonies with a minimum of effort. All Natural food grade ingredients designed to mimic the queen bee Nasonov Pheromone.

Derived from floral terpenes, no lemongrass oil is in this product.


A typical package of bees costs between $100-150, and Swarm Wrangler will easily pay for itself during its first year. Each year is different with swarms, but Swarm Rustler has a great reputation for being successful.


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