Wax Moth Crystals

$9.99 USD

This 16 oz container of Enoz paradichlorobenzene crystals is similar to the typical mothballs you have seen and a substitute for para-moth. Still, it is a different chemical better suited for beekeepers. The fine crystals keep adult wax moths from getting near any comb while the comb is being stored.  This product does not leave a residue on the honeycomb, so it is to be used instead of standard mothballs.

The Wax Moth Crystals are placed in a sealed container with a drawn beeswax comb, oftentimes used during the fall and winter when beekeepers store their honeycomb separately from their bees.  A gas is produced by the crystals and creates an environment the moths cannot lay eggs in. The gas is also noxious to the larva that may be in the comb already. It is best practice to use a small pile of crystals per the proper amount of a container's cubic volume. Refer to the measurements below.

Drawn comb is essential for beekeepers, and protecting it from damage is very important. Using wax moth crystals with the ingredient paradichlorobenzene will prevent wax moths from further laying eggs in the comb. This ensures the comb will be safe and available for use the following year.

Please read our blog all aboustoring beekeeping equipment for winter.

These are not to be used with an active colony of bees and should be allowed to air out for several days or until the smell has dissipated before placing back onto a beehive. For more details, click here. Package type may vary based on supply. Wax Moth Crystals may come in a bag or in a can.

One 16-oz container will protect 50 square cubic feet of space.

1 oz of crystals will protect 3, 10 frame medium boxes.

1, 10 frame medium box is 1 cubic foot

1, 10-frame deep box is 1.5 cubic feet

1, 8 frame medium box is .86 cubic foot

1, 8-frame deep box is 1.25 cubic feet

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