1/2 Gallon Jar and Foxhound Entrance Feeder with UV Inhibitor

$25.00 USD

1/2 Gallon Jar and Foxhound Entrance Feeder

We have redesigned the entrance feeder with an updated feeder and a large capacity jar to go with it. The extra large jar is a favorite among beekeepers for its seamless integration with our Foxhound Entrance Feeders. Designed with transparency in mind, this clear jar allows effortless monitoring of syrup levels and easy refilling through the large lid.

Capacity and Convenience: The Half-Gallon Advantage

Standout features include a large capacity 2-quart+ or half-gallon+ jar, more than double the size of most common entrance feeders. It actually holds 8.75 cups of water or syrup. This significantly reduces the frequency of syrup refilling trips, thus simplifying your beekeeping routine. The plastic construction not only ensures easy cleaning but also offers an easier lid removal process compared to traditional glass Mason jars.

Intelligent Design: The Step Feeder

Our step feeder is intelligently designed to insert into the entrance of an entrance feeder, allowing bees to walk in and drink from the lid holes. It also doubles as an internal hive feeder when placed inside an empty box.

Leakage-Free and Safe: Perfect for Bees

Our unique design eliminates common issues such as bees drowning and feeder leakage. The large jar fits the Boardman feeder base perfectly, while the vacuum pressure within the jar prevents syrup leakage. The inverted jar is sealed with a tight-fitting, perforated lid, preventing any syrup from dripping through the holes.

Durability and Longevity: Manufactured with UV Protectant

These jars are manufactured with a UV protectant additive, preventing the plastic from becoming brittle and reducing the chance of mold growth inside the jar. With thicker walls than the average plastic jar, our feeder promises durability, longevity, and many years of usage.


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