1/2 Gallon Jar and Entrance Feeder

$29.99 USD

The 1/2 Gallon Jar and Entrance Feeder is the most common feeder used by beekeepers paired the boardman feeder, paired with a 1/2 gallon plastic feeder jar. Easy to see the syrup level in the jar and refill through the large lid.


The large capacity, 2-quart jar or half gallon jar is near twice the size as the most common entrance feeder, reducing the number of trips to refill syrup and making beekeeping easier. Easier to wash and remove the lid than glass Mason jars. The step feeder is designed to be inserted into the entrance, where the bees will walk into the feeder and drink from the holes in the lid. It can also be used inside the hive when surrounded by an empty box.


Drowning bees and leaking feeders are eliminated with the design as the large jar fits the Boardman feeder base perfectly, and vacuum pressure in the jar stops leaking syrup. The tight-fitting, perforated lid seals on the inverted jar and prevents the syrup from continuing to drip through the holes in the lid.


Jars are coated in a UV protectant film to keep the plastic from becoming brittle and reduces the opportunity for mold to grow inside the jar. Jar walls are thicker than the average plastic jar, so you can use it for years.


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