Varroa Easy Check

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The Varroa EasyCheck is the backyard beekeeper's standard for easily and accurately testing bee hives for varroa mites using an alcohol wash to determine the health of your honeybees with minimal disturbance to the colony.

A small sample of young honey bees are removed from the hive and combined with rubbing alcohol or windshield washer fluid in the Varroa Check and shaken to wash adult varroa mites off the bees; dislodged mites fall through the small holes in the strainer basket and are easily counted.

Test your hives for mites in minutes directly in your bee yard. Then, you can make scientific, educated decisions on how to help your honey bees without having to wait days for results. You can also make a management decision on whether to treat or not to treat your bees.

Our Varroa EasyCheck comes with detailed instructions and tips and tricks for getting the best results quickly and easily so you can make the best decision on how to keep your honeybees healthy and active so you can maximize the nucleus hive or honey production.

Read our blog all about using the Varroa Easy Check.

Each Varroa EasyCheck is small enough to fit into a toolbox and contains a tight-fitting threaded lid, a strainer basket with built-in measurement lines for 200 or 300 bees, and a transparent reservoir for washing mites and bees with alcohol; after each test, alcohol can be strained and reused with the next hive.

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Customer Reviews

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Barb C.
Stay on Top of Those Mites!

Varroa Easy Check makes it simple to test for Varroa, which all bee keepers should be doing. Easy to use, comes with instructions and helps you get accurate counts. Thanks Foxhound!

Mark H.
Ingenius product

Makes checking fast and more accurate.

Robert D.
Mite check

great product,looks fined

Thanks Robert!