Medium 6 1/4-Inch Frame, Grooved Top / Grooved Bottom With Double Wax Foundation

$7.00 CAD

Each frame comes with 5 separate pieces, a top bar, a bottom bar, 2 sidebars, and a sheet of medium foundation that fit together with glue, nails, or staples to form the frame. The flexible foundation snaps into the frame after assembly without any extra tools. Each assembled frame provides a place for the bees to build their comb. Each frame is designed to fit inside a medium box in just the right way so it can be easily removed and inspected by the beekeeper.

Medium frames are most commonly used inside the medium boxes where bees will store additional, extra honey that can be harvested by the beekeeper. While traditionally used in medium boxes/supers, they are becoming more popular among beekeepers who use medium boxes for the entire hive. Our All-medium kits are an example of that.

These frames are sold unassembled or assembled, but if bought unassembled, they can be put together using typical hand tools everyone has. A hammer, nails, and good quality wood glue are all that are needed to assemble the frames securely.  Good construction is key so the frames do not fall apart in the hive.

In 2015, we were tired and disappointed with using the standard thinly coated, Mann-lake plastic foundation and others like it. The bees just would not build comb on it... So we changed to what the bees like more and found a supplier who would apply twice the beeswax on it. And our bees and our customers have never looked back. The additional coat of American beeswax makes a SIGNIFICANT difference to the bees (and the beekeepers). Our bees just love it!

These frames are designed with a groove in the underside of the top bar and on the upper side of the bottom bar.  These two grooves provide a place to snap for the included foundation to be snapped into the frame.

For bulk orders of 1260 or more assembled frames, we ship by freight on a pallet. 


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