Bee Bar Lid

$4.99 USD

These purple Bee Bar Caps are plastic feeder lids that can fit over plastic and glass Mason and ball jars and any other jar with a similar lid. These caps are made to twist on and off easily and won't seize onto the lid as metal lids can. They will even fit on used pasta sauce jars!


One end of the cap screws onto the jar, typically a quart, half-gallon feeding jar, or gallon feeder jar, and the other is the end the bees drink from. The perforated holes the bees drink from won't continue to drip syrup but create a space the bees can stick their tounges and drink from. These are designed to be inverted with the jar, so the purple cap faces down.


Well, l they have a pretty simple design, which is what makes designs great. They solve the problem of having lids that do not fit different brands of Boardman feeders and are difficult to remove. It is frustrating to try and refill a glass jar in the bee yard and beg unable to remove the lid from the jar. This doesn't always happen, but with these lids, it will never happen.


The plastic cap is made from BPA-free plastic and is dishwasher safe (great for crystalized syrup!) They can be soaked or even left for months with syrup on them and you don't have to worry about rust. Made and designed in the USA, which is a real plus knowing your funds help support the American-made beekeeping supplies business.


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