Medium Frame Division Feeder with Ladder

$12.95 USD

These 1.3-gallon feeders are placed inside the box, taking the place of two medium frames inside of a medium box. The feeder is filled with syrup to give the colony direct access to syrup year-round.


The cap and ladder system provides a sealed compartment so the liquid syrup can be added to the feeder but bees are not able to enter the compartment except by using the ladder. This creates less opportunity for the bees to drown compared to other frame feeders.


The ladder system with textured walls gives the bees something to walk up and down when feeding on the syrup. This reduces the risk of drowning by the bees. The updated design has stiffer walls so the feeder maintains its shape over time and won't create gaps for bees to crawl through.


The cap and ladders can be completely removed so the syrup can be cleaned out. This is an exception as many other frame feeders are difficult to clean.


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